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About Us.

Traditional banks and payment providers are slow, expensive, hard-to-access and antiquated. As a result, we are helping companies build their own digital money through our regulated stablecoin-as-a-service platform. Stably’s solution allows you and your customers to unbank from traditional financial rails, cut down transaction time, lower cost, unlock new revenue channels, access liquidity, enhance brand image and customer loyalty as well as generate new user insights from blockchain data.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to make financial transactions faster, cheaper and more transparent through a Borderless Neobanking platform powered by blockchain, stablecoins and open finance APIs.

The Facts.

Founded: April 2018

Headquarters: Seattle USA

Founders: Kory Hoang, CEO (Linkedin) & David Zhang, CTO (Linkedin)

Number of Employees: 15+

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Twitter: /StablyCoin

Linkedin: /company/stably

Facebook: /stablycoin

Instagram: /stablycoin

Medium Blog: /stably-blog



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Stably has been featured in multiple news outlets such as Coin Desk, BBC News,, Hacker Noon, Forbes, TF Blockchain, Toks Tech and more!

Official Naming Conventions.

Stably: Represents the company Stably Corporation.

Stably USD: Crypto USD issued by Stably Corporation.

USDS: Symbol of Crypto USD issued by Stably Corporation.








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