Buy / Sell

Move off-exchange and trade OTC

Concierge crypto trading for large trades

Stably sources and aggregates liquidity from various venues and partners, providing rapid, high-quality execution and settlement.


Optimized for price or speed depending on your preference


Communication each step of the way with a summary upon completion


Funds settle directly to your wallet of choice shortly after trade execution

How does it work?

It’s super easy.

1. Instruct

Tell us what crypto you want to buy, sell, and whether you prefer price or speed.

2. Send

Fund the wallet address we provide with the crypto you want to sell

3. Receive

Provide the wallet address for us to settle the crypto you bought.

Stably Ramp

Holding fiat and want crypto? Start with Stably Ramp to buy/sell crypto with ACH, card, and wire.

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Stably Ramp CTA


  • Must be a Stably Ramp user
  • Must already hold the crypto you want to sell
  • Minimum trade size: $50,000