Stably Announcement for USDS Consolidation + Upcoming Stably Enterprise Token Launches

  • Stably is currently consolidating the presence of our USDS stablecoin across exchanges in order to re-allocate our resources to other important projects we are launching soon with enterprise clients.

  • USDS is still fully backed 1-to-1 with USD by Prime Trust and can be issued or redeemed freely 24/7 via Any ERC20-supported wallet will also be able to hold USDS tokens.

  • USDS issuance/redemption will also be integrated into our upcoming Stably Prime Borderless Account, allowing users to instantly send/receive money to/from anyone in the world 24/7. For more information about Stably Prime, please visit:

  • Stably is focusing on building Generation 2 stablecoins and asset-backed tokens for enterprise clients through our Stably Enterprise business line at the moment. Once these projects are officially launched, we will also work with our exchange partners and other ecosystem partners to list and integrate these new tokens. To learn more about Stably Enterprise, please visit:

  • We have several international fiat-backed stablecoins as well as commodity-backed tokens in our pipeline for clients ranging from exchanges to payment companies and other stablecoin projects. Some are scheduled for launch this summer as well as throughout the rest of 2020. Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon from #TeamStably!

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