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Trading Competition (Koinfox + Stably)

Stably is partnering with Koinfox for a MEGA trading competition! 27th April 12:00 AM UTC to 3rd May 12:00 AM UTC

Up to 1000 USD worth of Stably USD (USDS) can be won.

Two games:

Game A: Best Tradathon

Top 10 traders with the best trading volume (buys and sells) for the USDS/USDT pair will get 50 USDS each

Game B: Best Sprinter

Top 3 profitable traders (ranked by return on investment) for the USDS/USDT pair will be rewarded as:

  • Champion: 250 USDS

  • 1st Runner up: 150 USDS

  • 2nd Runner up: 100 USDS

What so special in this competition?

Main specialty is the predictability of the USDS/USDT pair. As this is a stable coin pair, there is almost negligible chance of dump or loss to your capital. All you have to do is to employ your strategy to extract consistent profits even if it is 0.30% in each trade which can extracted 4–5 times a day easily as per chart. This will help you generate consistent trading volume as well as profits.

How to participate?

  1. First Join telegram group of Stably and telegram channel of Koinfox

  2. Now follow twitter account of Stably and Koinfox

  3. Now fill this Google form to submit your telegram id, twitter id and koinfox email address to become eligible for this competition

  4. To Signup on Koinfox if you are new user and follow this video tutorial in English or in Hindi to link your Koinfox mobile app with Koinfox email account as well as Binance exchange with Koinfox Mobile App

  5. If you are an existing user, simply Logon to Koinfox email account or open up your mobile app

  6. Select USDS/USDT pair from USDS Markets of Binance

  7. Start placing brackets and that’s it. Your participation will automatically be counted

Koinfox's Secret to increase your Winning Chances

You must be wondering how will it be possible to generate maximum profits from a stable coin pair? Moreover why will someone sit whole day to scalp the pair multiple times for smaller profits? Koinfox team knew this and thats why our team has developed a special tool called Loop which is designed to work like magic in range bound markets like this.

Loop enables crypto traders to set buys and sells that execute automatically over and over again. You can now make money on charts you would otherwise not consider trading due to a lack of upward momentum in a completely hands-free manner.

Like this hack? Want to learn more how to use this tool to increase your chances of winning? Check this article explaining loop in detail.

Terms & Conditions

  • One has to trade on Binance using the Koinfox platform

  • Each individual can win Multiple prizes at different Games

  • After the event, Rewards will be distributed within 14 working days

  • Stably Team reserves the right to change any terms and make final decisions upon the Winners and Prizes during the competition


You can reach out to us via our online communities in Telegram!

Trading Competition Video Overview (English + Vietnamese Subtitles)


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