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USDS is the first stablecoin in ADAMANT

USDS becomes the chosen stablecoin used by ADAMANT

ADAMANT is a unique platform which focuses on private messenger application that is integrated with cryptocurrency wallets, and is supported with many features such as trading bots and payments for internal goods and services.

The presence of different kinds of tokens on the platform requires ADAMANT to look for a stablecoin to reserve the value, make payments to internal services and trade for other digital assets. That being said, Stably USD (USDS) is the chosen one after sufficient consideration among various alternatives of stablecoins.

Why is USDS the top choice of Adamant?

USDS is considered the most suitable solution to be integrated in ADAMANT platform for many reasons. First, ADAMANT appreciates the comprehensive vision, and the open mindset of the Stably Corporation team (formally Stably Blockchain Labs) towards state-of-the-art technologies, unlike the other teams with their conservative style of work and unwillingness to adapt. Second, USDS is well developed based on a clear roadmap from the team which possesses remarkable insights in the Blockchain industry.

“Stably Blockchain Labs were consistent and showed a good understanding of the Blockchain market and a clear path for the development of USDS. Together with their representatives, we determined the direction of cooperation — after supporting the storage and transfer of USDS in ADAMANT chats, we will implement USDS support in internal services, primarily in cryptocurrency exchangers.” — Alexey Lebedev, CEO of ADAMANT TECH LABS

Stably is proud to the first stablecoin in ADAMANT Messenger. We look forward to further developments within the ADAMANT platform!

USDS in Messenger

(From ADAMANT Messenger)

Web app ( users already have access to the USDS StableUSD wallet.

Transfer USDS in chats to your friends and easily pay for goods and services.

The fee for sending USDS is calculated in Ether (ETH) — the “fuel” of the Ethereum network. This allows you to accurately determine the amount of USDS to be sent and simplifies calculations.


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