Stably is the creator of Stably USD, a USD-backed stablecoin and Stably Prime, a borderless account with a multitude of financial services and products, customizable to the individual or institutions specific needs.

All asset custody, funds processing, convertible virtual currency administration, trustee and fiduciary services are provided by Prime Trust, a Nevada chartered financial institution and licensed trust company. Digital assets are held in secure cold storage and USD funds are held in FDIC-insured bank accounts by Prime Trust. Stably is not a licensed financial institution and Stably does not manage nor take custody of client funds. Prime Trust neither endorses nor guarantees any of the information, recommendations, optional programs, products, or services advertised, offered by, or made available through the external website ("Products and Services") and disclaims any liability for any failure of the Products and Services.

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What is a Stablecoin?

Think of a stablecoin as a digital version of the physical dollar in your pocket. It's the next evolution of money - digital cryptographic cash. A stablecoin gives you all the benefits of cryptocurrency, like faster, cheaper and borderless transactions, without any of the volatility from market prices. And unlike other forms of digital money (e.g. PayPal, banks), you have full ownership of your money recorded on the blockchain, the same way you would if you were holding a physical dollar bill.

Stably USD (formerly "StableUSD"), also known as USDS, is a US Dollar-pegged stablecoin fully backed 1-to-1 and redeemable for USD held in an FDIC-insured trust account managed by Prime Trust, a state-chartered trust company in Nevada who is the token’s official regulated trustee and administrator. USDS is currently the 7th largest USD-backed stablecoin in the world and it is also featured on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Binance DEX and Bittrex. USDS is based on the ERC-20 token standard for Ethereum and the BEP-2 standard for Binance Chain at the moment and we will expand USDS to more blockchain protocols in the future, including EOS and Stellar.

In the near future, Stably and our regulated partners will release more stablecoins backed by other national currencies as well as commodities and precious metals such as gold and silver. We will also expand to other blockchains that have better features such as speed, scalability and security.

How It Works

Step 1: Sign up for an account
Create your Stably account online and verify your identity. US clients are typically approved same day and international clients may take 10 business days.
Step 2: Request to purchase or redeem
Purchase or redeem stablecoins with us for free!
  • Purchasing: provide your digital wallet address and wire funds to our regulated trustee
  • Redeeming: provide your bank account informa-tion and send tokens to our burn address
Step 3: Enjoy your stablecoins!

  • Send your stablecoins to anyone in the world
  • Hold, stake, lend your stablecoins or trade them for other cryptocurrencies
  • Safeguard your wealth in the digital world

Our Stablecoin's Features

Stablecoin Use Cases

A Stablecoin for Multiple Blockchains

Multiple Currencies

✓  Stably Dollar (USDS) - Live since 2018

✓  Stably Pound (GBPS) - Coming soon in 2020
✓  Stably Euro (EURS) - Coming soon in 2020
✓  Stably Yen (JPYS) - Coming soon in 2020
✓  Stably Loonie (CADS) - Coming soon in 2020

✓  Stably Sing (SGDS) - Coming soon in 2020
✓  Gold-Backed Stablecoin - Coming soon in 2020
✓  Silver-Backed Stablecoin - Coming soon in 2020

Stably USD (USDS)

Exchange Partners

Smart Contract Audit Partners

Transparency & Security

Stably recognizes that stablecoins require a high standard of public transparency for consumers and businesses to build trust. As a result, we have engaged with Cohen & Co., a nationally top-ranking accounting firm, to conduct monthly attestations and verify that the entire supply of issued tokens is consistent with assets held in reserve accounts managed by our regulated trustee partners. Users may also view a live report of the reserve accounts via our partners' APIs when they open a Stably account.


Cohen & Co. provides attestations on our reserve on the last day of every month. Every attestation that has been published since the launch of USDS can be viewed below.

At Stably, the security of our clients' sensitive data is the lifeblood of our business. We take data security very seriously, both when the data is in transit and at rest on our servers. Stably and our partners use data encryption on all connections when receiving as well as sending data and all data is stored securely in our encrypted cloud servers. All of our smart contracts were also thoroughly audited by leading smart contract security firms such as Quantstamp, Security Innovation and CoinMercenary before official deployment. Our financial institution partners are also heavily regulated and audited by external firms to give you the transparency and peace of mind that you deserve. With us, you can only expect the highest standards of security controls.