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Key Highlights from the Recent BIS Report on Stablecoins

Facebook's entrance into the stablecoin game with Libra was in many ways a wake-up call to regulatory bodies and entrenched...

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How Should Stablecoins be Regulated?

As if regulating digital currencies was not difficult enough, now we have to figure out a way to properly regulate...

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Stably & Tokens on Libra

Stably is participating in a virtual bootcamp called libracamp to build layer-2-solutions on top of the Libra blockchain. Starting with...

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Facebook’s Libra vs. Walmart’s Stablecoin — What’s the Difference?

The advent of the blockchain has promised disruption in countless industries, and the giants are taking note. In late 2017,...

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The Future of Branded Stablecoins

After Libra, will there be stablecoins from other major brands with a large customer network like Amazon, Delta or T-Mobile?...

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