Stably USD (USDS)

The future is here! Introducing Stably USD (symbol: USDS), a one-to-one U.S. Dollar backed, redeemable stablecoin. U.S. Dollar collateral is held in FDIC-insured trust accounts managed by Prime Trust¹ through Stably’s platform. USDS is our inaugural token in a series of stablecoins developed by Stably.

Prime Trust, a Nevada-state chartered trust company and SEC-qualified custodian

USDS Advantage.

Faster & Cheaper

Faster and cheaper than traditional payment methods, Stablecoins can be sent and received for low fees within minutes.

Liquid & Exchangeable

Stablecoins enjoy significant secondary market liquidity², and can be easily exchanged into fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

Transparent & Immutable

Stablecoin transactions are digitally recorded and publicly verified, which creates an immutable data trail that cannot be altered or tampered with.

Open & Borderless

Stablecoins can be sent to anyone or received by anyone in the world with internet access.

Store and Send Money with USDS.

Send Money Easily and Safely

USDS gives customers the ability to store and send US Dollars with freedom by the limits of traditional banking. Move money instantaneously, anytime, across borders.

Available to Anyone

With your desktop or even just a mobile phone, you can create a Stably Prime account to store and send USDS or access crypto markets. USDS provides financial access to everyone – even the 1.7 billion adults globally without bank accounts.

Buy USDS with Stably Prime!

Follow the KYC onboarding process to activate your account and begin stablecoin issuance and redemption³.

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We bring Traditional Finance down the blockchain rabbit hole.


We operate as a blockchain technology service provider to many financial institutions worldwide, including Prime Trust LLC (Prime Trust), a Nevada trust company regulated by the Nevada Financial Institutions Division (FID). Through our partnership with Prime Trust, we are able to offer our customers cutting edge products and services that are in compliance with regulatory requirements. WE DO NOT MANAGE NOR CUSTODY CUSTOMER FUNDS AT ANY MOMENT IN TIME. Under U.S. regulations, Prime Trust acts as the regulated trustee and centralized convertible virtual currency (CVC) administrator for the tokenized assets we develop. Prime Trust and its affiliates also perform KYC/AML verification and compliance-related services on users registered on the Stably Prime platform. All custody and funds processing services are handled by Prime Trust

Transparent & Trustworthy

We care about being transparent and earning your trust. As such, we have partnered with Cohen & Company, an industry leader in stablecoin reserve auditing, to conduct and publish monthly attestations of our stablecoin’s collateral reserve held by Prime Trust, as well as for all tokenized assets we develop for enterprise clients. (View Monthly USDS Attestations)

24/7 Collateral Reserve Report

We also offer public transparency to all stablecoins held in reserve. Stableinsight by Cohen & Co. reports our stablecoin reserve’s balance in real time via Prime Trust’s API. Anyone can publicly cross-verify this information with the total number of USDS tokens minted.

Monthly Attestations.

USDS is reviewed by a top-ranking auditing firm on a monthly basis to verify its supply matches the reserve of US Dollars. We make every report available – because your money matters.

View Attestations

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